Selective Muting: Get Out of My Headphones!

A feature I thought I would love, but began to hate is automatic muting in “quite” places, like lecture halls. Whenever I take my laptop to a place I have designated as quiet, IMLocation will mute it. This works great at preventing embarrassing beeps during class. But I like to listen to headphones while I work, and they were getting muted whenever I would work in a library or study hall.

What I needed was selective muting — if I was in a quiet place, sound would be turned off, unless I was using headphones.

At first I suspected that this feature would only work on newer Macs. My MacBookPro remembers the volume of my headphones when I plug them in. (By the way, if you don’t know about this handy feature of your new Mac, check it out — it’s an ear saver). But older Macs don’t do this, so I figured there was just no way for them to figure out if headphones were plugged in or not.

Well, it turns out this is not the case. Apparently on older Macs, OS X chooses not to change the volume, even though it can. I have confirmed that this is the case on an iBook G4, iMac G4, 12″ Powerbook, and 15″ TiBook. They can detect if they have headphones plugged in or not, even though OS X ignores this bit of information.

Selective muting is currently available as of IMLocation version 0.24.

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One Comment on “Selective Muting: Get Out of My Headphones!”

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