Changing a favicon.ico

Changing the favicon.ico for the IMLocation website was more trouble then I expected. Here’s how I finally got it working.

The first problem is making the file. GraphicConverter was doing an unacceptably poor job scaling my 128×128 icon down to 16×16. (PhotoShop can probably generate a favicon.ico like this, with little trouble, but I don’t have it.). I did have luck with this website; upload a {*.gif, *.jpg, *.png, *.ico, *.bmp} and it spits out a favicon.ico in a few sizes.

The second problem was that Safari kept showing the old icon. Emptying the cache, and restarting had no effect. Trashing ~/Library/Safari/Icons/, and restarting Safari worked for me. Unfortunately, anybody who has viewed the old website in Safari will probably keep seeing the old favicon.ico unless they trash their icon database as well. So the first favicon.ico a Safari user sees for your website will probably be the only one they ever see for it.

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