IMLocation is currently a beta release. If you are using it, you should probably know what I mean by that, so let me explain.

Simply put: IMLocation is not a finished product, and your feedback is the best way to complete it.

It has bugs. It has design flaws. It has temporary scaffolding in places where it should have Doric pillars. But I am constantly working on improving it, and with your complaints, I think it can be something really great.

That’s why I’ve released it in Beta form. I need the honest feedback that only real use can give to make IMLocation as useful as I want it to be. In return, I hope IMLocation can be helpful for you right now. And you can’t beat the price: free. I am not charging for buggy software.

So if something is broken, let me know. Bugs get fixed infinitely faster if I know about them.

If IMLocation would be more useful to you if it did X Y and Z, let me know.

To help diagnose problems during the beta, IMLocation logs details of what it is doing to
~/Library/Application Support/IMLocation/BetaLogs/*. These logs are not sent anywhere, but if you choose to mail them to me when filing a bug, it can be a big help.

Updating to a new version of IMLocation as soon as possible is strongly encouraged. Using an outdated version is a waste of everybody’s time. It is a waste of your time, because it means you have to deal with bugs that have been fixed. It is a waste for me, because you aren’t helping me find new bugs.
(Here’s a dirty secret of software: updates should always make things better, but sometimes they don’t. When I make a change that you think is for the worse, let me know.)

I’ll be honest. You get what you pay for. Right now IMLocation is free. But if you “pay” the time to just fire off a quick complaint, it will get that much better.

(Sadly, this is a pretty tame disclaimer, considering it’s nigh impossible to find any software that does not disclaim all liability, including “merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose”.)

You can reach me at:
Contact me

Or leave anonymous feedback at .

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