Stay Focused

Here’s a clipping from an online ad for an album:
In Stores and Online Now


The ad was the album’s cover-art, with these words added. The album is on the Sony label, and the ad linked to a page selling the album in a Sony music store.

What’s interesting about this copy is that it focuses on how you buy the music, over actually selling the music to you. “Available now” gives the same message, using less then half as many words. Fewer words mean a less cluttered ad that is quicker to read. It means less CAPITAL letters uglifying an attractive image.

Actually, I don’t think it’s even necessary to say “available now”. I mean, if you see an ad for something, and there isn’t a “coming soon” disclaimer on it, it’s pretty well understood that you can buy it right now. The unadulterated CD cover ad would have been a more effective ad. CD covers are specifically designed to be attractive, and sell CDs. You couldn’t ask for more from an ad. Adding extraneous information dilutes the message.

There is no good reason to even mention the method of distribution. But the person placing the add is in the business of music distribution. To them the distinction between a CD and a download is important. But implementation details (in this case how the music is delivered) should not be exposed.

Focus is essential to good design, be it advertising, or interfaces.

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