The End Times

I haven’t written anything in almost a month. I haven’t even written a line of code in several weeks. I’ve been too busy moving from sunny Austin, Texas, to the snowy midwest, to start my first full-time job.

The magnitude of the move caught me by surprise. I’ve moved off to college, and across the country for summer internships before, but a permanent relocation is a different beast.

I would like to get back to working on IMLocation soon, but all signs point to more delays. I won’t know how much time my job takes up until Monday. And judging by how much more involved the move was then I had expected, I’ll probably have less free-time then I expect, at least for a while.

Also, I’ve been considering starting a less project-specific blog, which would probably steal at least 80% of the posts I make here.

We’ll just see what happens.

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One Comment on “The End Times”

  1. Chris McQueen Says:

    Hey Vincent:

    Congrats on the new job. I made a similiar move from Idaho last year (with a family of four) and I can tell you it does take a bit to adjust, but it’s worth it.

    Have a great Monday!

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