Adium Support is Broken

Regretfully, integration with Adium isn’t working right now.

I apologize for releasing without adequate testing.

I did not change any of the Adium-related code from version 2.9 and I foolishly assumed it all still worked because nobody had complained. But in the 13 months since I had last tested my Adium plugin, Adium was updated in a way that broke it. I had gotten out of the habit of using Adium (I prefer iChat’s simplicity and video capabilities) and so I missed this issue completely.

Unfortunately, it looks like getting the status message from Adium with AppleScript is broken, so I don’t yet have a fix out.

I can get the status type (eg away, available), but without a way to get/set the status message there’s not much useful I can do.

I am working on updating my Adium plugin so I can ask it for all details of the the current status. I expect a fix shortly, holidays permitting.

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