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Download Link Fixed

March 13, 2009

Downloading IMLocation hasn’t been working for several weeks(!!).

I have been using a semi-automated process to package IMLocation up on a .dmg and release it. The scripts had been working unchanged for about a year, but after I made some changes to the IMLocation Xcode project, they didn’t work correctly anymore. Everything appeared to build, but the .dmg on my website was corrupt.

I discovered the problem, because the number of downloads in my server logs did not match the bandwidth used.

This is entirely my fault for not doing an end to end test, to make sure that the final bits on my website were correct.

Lesson learned.



Version 0.37

March 3, 2009

Version 0.37 (beta) is out! Download the latest version.

Changes in Version 0.37

* Removed the status tab. I just can’t see people updating their status through IMLocation, instead of an actual Twitter/AIM/whatever program.
* Added the Set Default Printer action.
* IMLocation should start up faster, because the way the location database is read has been simplified.

As always, updating is very strongly encouraged during the beta period. I try hard to make the latest build work, but I do not support old beta versions. Please let me know if you find any bugs.