About This Blog

This blog contains a small slice of the development process of IMLocation, an application for MacOSX that is both location and context sensitive.

The primary audience is other Mac programmers.

I post solutions to problems I encounter, and code snippets. But I also cover topics which I feel are important to the creation of great software, even if they don’t involve code, such as examples of exceptional design (both bad and good) from everyday life.
Sometimes I just post tips that have helped me get stuff done faster.

I edit my articles after they are posted. I also delete comments, and edit them. Each one of my post should be as valuable to you as possible (otherwise, what’s the point of you reading them?). That means correcting and expanding articles; and not cluttering them up with pedantic “EDITED TO ADD” notices every time a change is made. This is a blog, not a ledger.

Ultimately, My goal is to make IMLocation useful to you. If you want to contact me about this project here’s the best place to do it.

–Vincent Gable


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